“The Rise of Karina”

Directed, Written, and Edited By: Stephi Bauduhin
Co-Produced by: Ximena Aliaguilla

Karina Rashaya, a Venezuelan refugee who escaped the claws of human trafficking, has been captured by the FBI and accused of having ties to a trafficking organization led by the infamous Oto Garcia. Cornered, Karina is forced to go undercover to help them catch the trafficker. But little do they know that Karina is a victim of Oto’s, and her traumatic childhood at his hands drives a much darker agenda.

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"The Rise of Karina" (Short Film)

Pitched as "Kill Bill meets Secuestro Express", this short film psychological thriller was Stephi Bauduhin's MFA Film thesis project at The Art Institute of Miami. It was shot in Miami, and premiered at O Cinema Miami Beach in 2015. "Rise of Karina" was accepted into the Miami Film Festival Cinema Slam in 2016, and received a Silver Telly Award in 2017. (2015; Runtime 20 Minutes)