Falling Short – 2.01 (Season Premiere)

Directed by: Ximena Aliaguilla
Written by: Yasser Marte
Edited by: Ximena Aliaguilla, Christopher Daley

In the Season 2 premiere, Doug finds himself unemployed and living on Daley’s couch. Despite Daley’s strange obsession with him, he agrees to meet with a friend of Daley’s who wants to offer him a new job opportunity.┬áLater, a misunderstanding leads Doug down an odd and hilarious road that kicks off the season.

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Falling Short (Web Series)

A guerilla-style, nano-budget web series, conceptualized as "Short stories about a short man and his shortcomings"and developed by a group of actors in NYC. I was brought on as lead writer-director for the series' second season where I worked on 5 episodes of its 8-episode run. (Unreleased, 2014)

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    • Directing
    • Final Cut Pro
    • Final Draft 9
    • Line Production
    • Production Managment
    • Screenwriting
    • Video Production
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