“8 Do’s and Don’ts For Locals During Ultra”

Directed by: Roshan Nebhrajani
Written by: Ximena Aliaguilla
Starring: Lourdes Duarte and Ximena Aliaguilla

In this instructional (read: destructional) video, X + L reprise their Miami XL┬ároles to impart their endless wisdom and expertise on how to deal with Miami’s annual Winter Music Conference. There will be glitter.

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The New Tropic (Video)

Inspired by the "You, Me, and Molly" episode of "Miami XL", the lovely people at the web publication "The New Tropic" asked for a video skit that would guide Miami locals during March's Winter Music Conference, and its festival, "Ultra". Written in two days and shot a week later at The New Tropic's Miami offices. (2017)

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    • Acting
    • Final Draft 10
    • Video Production
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