Why Writing American Culture Is Writing American (Sub-)Culture

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The most common question audiences ask at screenings of web series, the Miami-based comedy "Miami XL", centers around where the inspiration for the series comes from. It's a standard question, but I think my answer often comes as a surprise because, despite it's semi-autobiographical format (yeah, I'm in it), the primary inspiration is not our personal lives. Rather, the idea sparked from what I lovingly like to refer to as "The Miami Lexicon". THE CULTURE OF WORDS For myself and co-creator/co-star, Lourdes Duarte, Miami was always the main character in "Miami XL", and we were just the ridiculous vehicles that gave...

“What Do You Do (With Your Time)?”

It's About People
Inquiring minds always want to know: "What do you DO?" It's an age old question, and one that has been competing with "What's your name?" for Most Frequently Asked at Networking Events and First Dates long before the 90s invented "The Mixer". But could it be inherently flawed? Isn't it, in its deceiving broadness, actually limiting? Isn't there a silent addendum attached to the end of it? Aren't we just asking, and being asked, "WDYD...for a living?" ($$$) Theory of the Day: WDYD is a bad question. Why? Let's start with how a bad question can often result in some pretty...