I tell stories. If we’ve met in person, there’s a solid chance I probably told you a story within minutes. Threading stories together is just what I do. Sometimes from words. Sometimes from images. But mostly from words describing images.


A lifelong media culture junkie, I was 6 years old when my family moved from Peru to Miami and hooked up the cable TV (hello 90’s-lack-of-parental-controls!). I learned English on a heavy diet of Nick At Nite, James Bond, and Hitchcock and my appetite only grew from there. By 17, I just wanted to tell stories that moved and sounded like feelings.

I studied film in my own backyard at the University of Miami’s Motion Pictures Program, where I received my B.A. in 2009. During my time there I worked on a documentary, a short, and wrote two comedic shorts. In my nerdish over-enthusiasm I also picked up a second major in International Studies, and minors in both Philosophy and Spanish. Ultimately, I realized that what made me happiest was watching something that once played in my imagination, come to life. And so I snapped my fingers, moved to New York, and became a screenwriter.


Okay, I also became a salon receptionist on the Upper East Side, a spa manager at a fancy Tribeca hotel, a guerilla web series writer-director who snuck into the basement of Queens College with a motley crew to shoot “very important work, and eventually a graduate student in film studies at CUNY College of Staten Island. New York has a way of lifting you high above the world and then dragging you through the gutter, and not always in that order. It’s also damn cold. So five years in I said, “Thanks for the material, NYC. I love you but I need a Cuban coffee!”


After a quick pit stop in Madrid during the summer of 2014 to research female sexuality in Spanish cinema at the Filmoteca Nacional de España, I landed back in Miami. There I was instantly greeted by that hot hurricane season breath that hits you in the face outside of “Arrivals” at MIA. They say “write what you know”, so I came home.

Since my return I’ve completed a Masters (M.A.) in Cinema and Media Studies, written and developed my own projects, and helped other filmmakers bring about theirs. I’ve also dedicated much of my time to connecting with local filmmakers, activists, and entrepreneurs.

In the fall of 2015, I co-wrote and created a comedy web series (“Miami XL”) with local actress, Lourdes Duarte, and ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund it. Over the next year I produced, directed, edited, and (welp!) starred in Miami XL’s first full eight-episode season. The series premiered at improv theater, Just The Funny, as well as on Vimeo and YouTube in October of 2016. The series has gone on to be written about, screened, and accepted into local and national film festivals where it continues to make the rounds.


I spend much of my time writing. In fact, the Google Maps on my phone has labeled my favorite coffee shop as “Work” all on its own. My projects vary from features to web series, always based in South Florida. I also freelance as a producer, video editor, and story editor. I love riding my bike, making breakfast, paddle boarding, salsa dancing, traveling, and Gin with guarapo juice. I wake up in the heart of Miami’s Calle Ocho district every day, where the vibrant sights and sounds remind me that while the “lucha” here might be real, I’ve always got the sun, mango season, and Cuban coffee.

Check out my CV/resume page here for more!